Termoplásticos del Sur S.A.

In 2007, Termoplasticos del Sur S.A. started an ambitious project: construction of an industrial plant solely dedicated to manufacturing specialized plasticizers for the flexible PVC compounds market. Pursuing this objective, a strategic technical alliance with Pringles San Luis S.A. was formed. Our new partner’s long and valuable experience in PVC compounds manufacturing contributed an unprecedented rise in highly qualified personnel and technological resources and, for the next 3 years, enriched the project with vital information, resulting in a product of true excellence.

Thanks to this contribution, the hard work of a group of professionals from Termoplasticos del Sur S.A. and to a large capital investment, in August 2015 the Company successfully launched its industrial plant, dedicated entirely to epoxidized soybean oil manufacturing, in the Burzaco Industrial Park, Almirante Brown, Buenos Aires.

State-of-the-art technology, complete automated process control, qualified human resources and use of first-class raw materials are the fundamental pillars of our company and its products quality. We satisfy the technical needs of our most demanding clients in a vast range of market segments.

Termoplásticos del Sur S.A. is committed to continuous improvement, constantly investing into development, technology and expertise, in order to achieve our objectives of growth, quality and optimization.